OpenTok Android SDK 2.2 Beta is released we’re excited to release the OpenTok Android SDK 2.2 Beta that includes:

  • API Updates.
  • Archiving integration.
  • Updated UI.
  • Bug fixes and improved stability.

Full details about the changes can be found in the download link below.

Download our Android SDK >

At the same time we have released an updated version of our demo app to the Google Play Store – OpenTokRTC for Android. It now offers support for multi-party calling and includes examples of messaging best practice. You can access its source code on GitHub, and it’s available for download now.

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OpenTok.js Change

Over the last several months, we’ve focused on why end-users have difficulty connecting to OpenTok sessions to try to understand how we can make this easier.

We discovered that the first hurdle many end-users run into is properly allowing hardware access. On average 25% of Google Chrome and 5% of Mozilla Firefox publishers fail due to not allowing access to their camera and mics. Some of you have already tried to solve this problem on your own by creating a custom UI that highlights the prompt. However, the OpenTok platform should solve this problem for you and your end-users.

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OpenTok iOS SDK 2.2 Beta 3 is released

ios-iconToday we are releasing the OpenTok iOS SDK 2.2 Beta 3 that includes:

  • Archiving integration
  • Updated UI
  • Bug fixes and improved stability

Learn more about our iOS SDK >

This update will be available to developers starting today.

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OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer

OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer

Here at TokBox, we’re committed to making your everyday communication easier. We connect people in different parts of the world and tear down physical boundaries by providing real-time face-to-face communication in any browser or mobile app.
Underneath it all is WebRTC.

Unfortunately, the realities of aligning large companies (Google & Microsoft) sometimes stands in the way of progressing a forward-facing standard (WebRTC). We know the web has a large percentage of users who use Internet Explorer as their main desktop browser. As of today, Internet Explorer doesn’t support WebRTC natively. These users may be unable to upgrade to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox due to strict policies implemented at their workplaces, not knowing how to change the default browser on their home machines, or not being willing to switch out of their comfort zone.

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OpenTok Android SDK 2.0 Beta 2 is released we are releasing the OpenTok Android SDK 2.0 Beta 2 that includes:

  • A new Video Driver API for access and customization of video streams.
  • Support for subclassing: you can now extend classes defined in the SDK, including the Session, SubscriberKit, and PublisherKit classes.
  • Signaling API: you can now send and receive signals to and from other clients connected to a session.
  • Support for audio output over external speakers and headphones.
  • Video orientation on the publisher.
  • Support for TURN over TCP. This improves connectivity in restricted network environments. For more information see here.

Download our Android SDK >

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