iOS 7 known issues resolved in OpenTok iOS SDKs


Today we are releasing the OpenTok iOS SDK v1.4.3 (our Flash-plugin compatible SDK), which fixes the issues related to iOS 7. Download it here.

Earlier we released OpenTok iOS SDK v2.1.5 (our WebRTC compatible SDK). Download it here.

If you are anticipating your users moving to iOS 7, recompile your application with these latest SDKs. Applications that don’t update will experience crashes and other issues when used on an iOS 7 device.

  • pilosof

    any updates on the titanium module ???

    • Ankur Oberoi

      i haven’t had a chance to check compatibility just yet. I’ll update you as soon as someone from the community or I have had a chance to integrate it.

      PS. if you have the ability to compile the project ( against the new SDK and let me know what happens by filing an issue on GitHub that would be great!

      • Kiyu Gabriel

        The OpenTok Titanium module under iOS 7, starts to work. It asks for permission to use my camera and when I allow it, it crashes with an NSRangeException : Reason:
        *** -[__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty array. I would guess this is an issue which has been addressed in the current version of the iOS SDK. How soon do you think you could update the Titanium module with the latest iOS SDK?

  • Todd Rein

    There’s a large amount of feedback when connecting an iOS7 client to Safari (and maybe other browsers). So much so that it’s unusable. Please fix.

    • Todd Rein

      Can someone from TB please respond to this issue?

  • Jeff M Balicki

    Any update for phonegap plugin or instructions how to update myself?