OpenTok 2.0 Archiving API into production!

Archiving into productionHot off the heels of our OpenTok 2.0 Archiving API pricing and storage announcement we’re excited to announce that our Archiving API has now gone into production.

You can find out more about the features of this API in our previous post or by taking a look at our docs page and here is a quick summary just in case:

Now in production:

  • Storage:

    • Through the Dashboard you can setup an Amazon S3 integration for storage.

    • If customers do not set up Amazon S3 integration their archives will be directly uploaded to the OpenTok Cloud and stored for 72 hours.  They will then be automatically deleted after that time period has lapsed.

  • Server SDKs:

    • The Server SDKs for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .Net have been updated to follow the best practices and now include Archiving API integration.

  • Archiving in the Dashboard:

    • You can now monitor and audit your Archiving activity by reviewing file size, status, date, and other essential information directly in your developer dashboard.

    • You can set up archive event notifications by registering a callback URL in the dashboard.

  • Pricing:

    • We offer two pricing models for the Archiving API:

      • Usage-based pricing is $.075 per recorded minute

      • Capacity-based pricing is $100 per seat. A seat provides unlimited monthly archiving capacity to record one session at a time. Ex. To record two simultaneous sessions you would need 2 seats.

We are looking forward to seeing what our community does with these new features and capabilities.  As always, please make use of our forums with any questions or feedback.