OpenTok Now on Titanium

You know what’s pretty cool? JavaScript. You know what’s super cool? Developing MOBILE Apps with JavaScript. You know whats super-duper cool? Putting live video in them!

You may have already heard of our pretty popular iOS SDK for OpenTok. A new wave of developers came to us and have been telling us nice things about it. But what about the guys who have used our API before for the web, and what about the developers that just love JS and want to do something about mobile, where is the love for them?

That’s why we’re releasing a module to use the OpenTok API on Appcelerator’s Titanium framework. It’s a neat platform that lets developers write their application completely in JavaScript, and still utilize the native libraries underneath (snappy!) as well as distribute in the AppStore.

To get started using the module you can head over to the Appcelerator Marketplace to download it, and then watch this in depth Hello World tutorial and screencast in our Tutorials section.

Developing this module was a little bit tricky. We did it completely in the open using the already known interfaces in the Objective-C based SDK. When some experienced module developers took a look at it, they told us that this was the coolest and most sophisticated module they have seen outside of Appcelerator’s own. It feels good to be breaking new ground. For all you developers out there, we want to invite you to help us improve the module: report bugs if you find them, and if you’re feeling ambitious you can help us fix a few of them too.

Learn about our OpenTok plugin for PhoneGap next.

  • Kone

    awesome! great idea..

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    Broken link…I would love to see this. Can you update the link please.

  • pilosof

    any plans to update it to ios7 …