OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer

OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer

Here at TokBox, we’re committed to making your everyday communication easier. We connect people in different parts of the world and tear down physical boundaries by providing real-time face-to-face communication in any browser or mobile app.
Underneath it all is WebRTC.

Unfortunately, the realities of aligning large companies (Google & Microsoft) sometimes stands in the way of progressing a forward-facing standard (WebRTC). We know the web has a large percentage of users who use Internet Explorer as their main desktop browser. As of today, Internet Explorer doesn’t support WebRTC natively. These users may be unable to upgrade to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox due to strict policies implemented at their workplaces, not knowing how to change the default browser on their home machines, or not being willing to switch out of their comfort zone.

OpenTok’s commitment to providing a platform that brings real-time communication anywhere people want to connect has pushed us to find a way in which these customers would not be left out of the conversation. We looked at many third-party alternatives to help us bridge this gap, but we ultimately decided to take it on ourselves.

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer. Our plugin allows Internet Explorer users to participate in OpenTok-powered video sessions as if they were using Chrome or Firefox. The first time your customer visits an OpenTok-powered application, she’ll be prompted to install the plugin. After the quick installation they’ll be able to join the conversation right away (credit fayeun). It’s a one-step flow with all future updates happening in the background.

The first version of the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer is released as beta and only supports Internet Explorer 10. We plan to quickly follow on with support for other versions of IE down through IE8.

Read more about the plugin, and get directions on how to add it to your web application. We look forward to hearing your feedback, bug reports, and feature requests as we quickly iterate from beta to production.

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  • Interested

    Does this support IE 11 or is this currently specifically IE 10 only?

    • Ankur Oberoi

      This beta release actually does work on IE11 as well, give it a try! Since this release is a beta, we would appreciate hearing about any issues you do experience (if any).

  • Art Matsak

    I actually had to double-check the date to make sure it’s not an April Fools joke. Sure, let’s add more plugins to bring the plugin-free future of WebRTC closer!

    • Alice

      Good luck with Flash at Gruveo, my friend.

      • Art Matsak

        Oh, we’d love to use WebRTC, Alice. It’s just that with Flash, at least the plugin comes pre-installed most of the time :) We’ll be the first to make the switch once major browser adoption is really there for WebRTC.

    • Ankur Oberoi

      Hey @artmatsak:disqus, hope we didn’t disappoint with our actual April Fools gag:

      Stop gap measures are never ideal, thats what makes them stop gap. There’s an important difference that separates what we are doing from saying, “technology like this is best provided by a plugin”. That difference is huge.

      We want to give the world a chance to see the potential of WebRTC and what it has accomplished. Its just that the parts of the world that need to see it most also happen to be the most distant from a modern browser.

      • Art Matsak

        Thank you for replying, Ankur. A stop gap may be better than nothing at all I guess. But I’m also concerned about things becoming even more fragmented with each WebRTC vendor potentially releasing their own plugin(s). Did you guys consider developing a generic WebRTC plugin for IE?

  • janhjordie

    That is great news guys !!!

  • Lawrence Byrd

    This is great progress and an essential capability, even if the need here is unfortunate due to MS dragging it’s feet. Although IE is the most important “outlier”, can you comment on whether and when you plan to provide a plugin for Safari on Mac? (I understand, of course, that for iOS apps you have an SDK)

  • Owen Begbie

    Outstanding work guys.

  • Anders Bengtsson

    Does the current Tokbox version of the IE plugin support WebRTC screen sharing, I looked at Temasys solution an its seems like this feature is on their roadmap but not implemented?