OpenTok Android SDK 2.0 Beta 2 is released we are releasing the OpenTok Android SDK 2.0 Beta 2 that includes:

  • A new Video Driver API for access and customization of video streams.
  • Support for subclassing: you can now extend classes defined in the SDK, including the Session, SubscriberKit, and PublisherKit classes.
  • Signaling API: you can now send and receive signals to and from other clients connected to a session.
  • Support for audio output over external speakers and headphones.
  • Video orientation on the publisher.
  • Support for TURN over TCP. This improves connectivity in restricted network environments. For more information see here.

Download our Android SDK >

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OpenTok experts offering live help on AirPair

airpair logoAirPair, a startup that offers live online consultations with programming experts, today announced partnerships with TokBox and a handful of other API companies. That means AirPair users will have direct access to OpenTok platform exports when they need it. When developers run into a bug, have questions, or need help with implementation, an OpenTok expert can help resolve their problems quickly, in real-time.

Interested in giving it a shot? Check out the TokBox Experts page on AirPair!

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OpenTok iOS SDK 2.2 Beta is released

ios-iconToday we are releasing the OpenTok iOS SDK 2.2 Beta that includes:

  • Video Driver for creating custom capturer and renderer.
  • Updated Signal API.
  • AirPlay Support.
  • Stream orientation on publisher.
  • Improved error messaging

Learn more about our iOS SDK >

This update will be available to developers starting today.

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Announcing the OpenTok Agency Program

OpenTok verticalToday we’re excited to announce the launch of the OpenTok Agency Program. We’re looking for world-class agencies that are WebRTC and OpenTok platform experts.

Demand for real-time communications applications is growing rapidly. As a platform provider, we focus on our core business: creating a scalable, easy-to-use and capability-rich WebRTC platform. Sometimes, though, customers approach us seeking development assistance as they integrate live video into their website or mobile application or build a new project altogether. This is where our agency partners come into play.  We need a group of highly skilled and responsive agencies that can help turn our customers’ OpenTok concepts into realities.

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Announcing a new partner spotlight series… PartnerTok! First up, Cambly.

camblyHello!  Ed from the BD team @ TokBox here.  We’re always thinking of great ways to showcase cool partners, so we came up with an idea for a series called PartnerTok. This whole series will be done via our open source chat tool OpenTokRTC and recorded with our archiving stack!  For our inaugural episode we are featuring our friends at Cambly.  They’re a language marketplace for people who want to learn English or Spanish. We talked to them about where the idea came from, how it got started, their business model as well as their experience launching the app.

Cambly is also one of the partners testing out our new archiving stack – you can hear from them firsthand in the video about how easy it is to implement.  In fact, we used the OpenTok API for WebRTC to power the live interview, and our new Archiving & Playback beta to record it.

If you’d like to try the OpenTok platform simply sign up for an account! Want to try our new Archiving & Playback beta? You can request access to sign up for the program here.

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