OpenTok Android SDK 2.4 now available

We’ve recently released a new version of our OpenTok Android SDK. It includes:

  • Screen sharing support — You can now share your mobile screen as the video source for a publisher. See the code samples.
  • Hardware acceleration — You can take advantage of the built-in VP8 hardware decoding on the following select devices: Asus K010, Asus K011, and Asus K013. The hardware decoding uses less CPU for video processing, saves battery life, and provides a better app experience. Hardware acceleration is enabled by default in the SDK, no additional development is required.
  • Emulator support — You can now use the Android built-in emulator for development with OpenTok.
  • Multiple bug fixes and performance optimizations.

For more information please see the release notes.

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OpenTok Android and iOS SDKs 2.3.1 are released!

Mobile patchWe’ve recently released patches for our mobile SDKs: OpenTok Android SDK 2.3.1 and OpenTok iOS SDK 2.3.1.

OpenTok iOS SDK 2.3.1

This patch release resolves the crash occurring on iOS 6 in 2.3.0 version. Some of our partners are using iOS devices which cannot be updated to iOS 7 or iOS 8.  iOS 6 is now two generations old but we continue to maintain backwards compatibility for the current generation of iOS clients.  Please note we reserve the right to review this policy in the future.  Download it here.

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OpenTok iOS and Android SDKs 2.2 into production


Following on from our OpenTok archiving and storage announcement we’re excited to fill you in on some updates we are making to our OpenTok iOS and Android SDKs 2.2 that are going into production.  What started out as internal engineering project has paved the way to the release of a suite of valuable mobile features which have become a formal part of the product offering, setting OpenTok further apart from other WebRTC platforms.

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Deep dive into the ‘Video Driver’

MOBILECBLOGOpenTok Mobile SDKs, Revision 2: The Video Driver

In the latest versions of the OpenTok SDKs for iOS and Android, everything is new. We found an opportunity to learn from the lessons of the past two years, and seized it to conduct an overhaul of the architecture of the client. The 2.2.0 release of the iOS and Android SDKs marks the second major revision of the implementation of the OpenTok Mobile SDKs. This post highlights one of the many new features of the 2.2.0 SDKs, about which we are feeling particularly excited: the “Video Driver”. Although the feature exists with parity in both platforms, today we’ll focus on the iOS-variant of the new API.

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OpenTok Android SDK 2.2 Beta is released we’re excited to release the OpenTok Android SDK 2.2 Beta that includes:

  • API Updates.
  • Archiving integration.
  • Updated UI.
  • Bug fixes and improved stability.

Full details about the changes can be found in the download link below.

Download our Android SDK >

At the same time we have released an updated version of our demo app to the Google Play Store – OpenTokRTC for Android. It now offers support for multi-party calling and includes examples of messaging best practice. You can access its source code on GitHub, and it’s available for download now.

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