Welcome Windows Developers!

webrtc for windows sdk opentok

We’re happy to say that last week, as part of the 2.12 release of our client SDKs, we graduated the OpenTok Windows Client SDK out of beta. This SDK allows Windows developers to add rich, immersive video chat to Windows native applications and to really let their creativity flow. 

Yes, the PC lives on

The technology industry is always focused on the next big platform. The buzz right now is centered on virtual reality and augmented reality. In addition, there is continued interest in IoT and given the ubiquity of smart phones, the mobile platform is very much top of mind for developers. However, there were 269M PCs shipped globally in 2016 and over 1.4B devices are estimated to be running Windows 7 or higher worldwide. The majority of knowledge workers today continue to use PCs as their primary device for their day-to-day work.

What can the Windows SDK do for you?

The OpenTok Windows SDK exposes a C# API and allows developers to create collaboration experiences that leverage the performance and rich UI elements of the operating system in a way that is not possible with browser based web applications. In addition, access to the frame buffer of the display makes screensharing with remote participants simple. The API also allows for custom video capturing and rendering implementations giving developers the flexibility to develop truly creative solutions.

What’s next?

Here at TokBox, our goal is to serve developers regardless of what platform they are developing on. In addition to our OpenTok Windows Client SDK, we are developing an SDK for macOS. For an early version contact us at sdk-beta@tokbox.com.

We are delighted to make our Windows Client SDK available to Windows developers and we are eager to see the creative applications you come up with. Ready to get started? Sign up for a trial account with $10 free credit here