Welcome to the World of Social Video Chat

TokBox Global Social Video Chat Study

Who are the world’s biggest social video chatterboxes? What’s the record for the most people in a group video chat? And which region is staying up late into the night to use their video chat apps?

We’ve answered these questions and more through our Global Social Video Study. Social video chat apps have seen explosive growth in the last few years (see Facebook Bonfire, Houseparty, Live.ly), and WebRTC provides a unique platform for them to include live video communication in their offering.

By analyzing billions of minutes of video generated on the OpenTok platform by social video apps, we found some surprising information about how, when and where people are using these apps. The conclusion: social video chat is a global phenomenon and is bringing people together like never before. Find out for yourself with our Social Video Chat infographic. 

Global Social Video Study Infographic

TokBox powers some of the world’s fastest growing social video chat apps, such as Monkey, Houseparty and live.ly. If you’re interested in learning more about and building a social video app, check out our Part 1 and Part 2 posts on building group live video apps yourself with OpenTok.